Some Navigation Requests around Entities, Types

Hi guys,

As I work through Fibery I often find myself eager to click and see at a glance:

  1. What is the App where a Type (and also an Entity) is located, and;

  2. All of the Entities I have in a certain Type.

I intend to use Fibery as much as I can for all I manage, so my Fibery will be built out with 10’s of Entities, and probably 20 - 30 Apps. So I am finding ease of navigating around these a big feature I’d like to see continually improved.

At times I can’t 100% remember which Entity is in which App, and I am the admin. So I think my team may have an even harder time with this. …Right now if I want to find an Entity, I have to look in my left sidebar, which if I have selected for a few “show all entities of this type in left menu” could get very long, and I have to navigate around to find the App in question. So what I wanted to suggest was add some way to quickly see what App an Entity belongs to.

My suggestion would be to show much more in the “ctrl” + “K” search menu - such things as Apps and Entities themselves so you could navigate to them. It would also be useful to see some more related info when you search that way - but this is an obvious feature that I assume you guys are going to build over time.

As for more easily seeing a list of Entities in a Type, I frequently out of reflex just click the Entity name, for example when I’m in the Domain/All App view. Would you guys consider a way to perhaps just see a simple list of all Entities in a Type, without having first to navigate to a view?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

I’d like to bump this up again as I’m having continued need here, some more specifics:

  • From the “Apps” page - which incidentally is a huge piece in Fibery, great work guys! because you can see at a glance all the relationships. It’s a great entry point for onboarding new team members. At any rate, from this view. It would be great to be able to simply click an App or Type, and navigate to see all the entities or a type, and all the Entities in an entire App. My team has mentioned they frequently instinctively try to do this

  • Quick access to all the entities in a Type by clicking the Types name. This could be done by simply clicking this:

And navigating to a list of all the Entities in the Type.

I know that by default Fibery creates a table for each new Entity, but that is not always easy to find when you’re working within related items. Also, it doesn’t do that if you move a Type between Apps, which can be confusing because if you don’t create this table on your own, you can’t easily find that Type anymore (or confusingly you see it in the old table that was created in the old App by default).

Also great in some apps are “page through” arrows that allow you to quickly move between cards that are in a certain grouping. Like here in Clubhouse:

I think just being able quickly to navigate to Apps and Types and Entities would take care of a lot of the benefit I was hoping to get out of this request:

@Oshyan as always curious what you think about this suggestion.