Slow file attachment download after infrastructure migration?

Hey folks, I’m getting some very slow download times for attachments now. A simple ~9mb PDF attachment will take some 60 seconds to download!

I’m not certain this is worse than it was immediately before the recent change, I don’t download attachments that often, but I know there was a time when it was definitely faster!

I am on a bi-directional gigabit connection located in California, for what it’s worth.

Is anyone else experiencing these kinds of issues with viewing/downloading file attachments?

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Thankfully I have not had issue yet post-migration, but I will say I’m really hopeful for improved performance, as it was not good the last several weeks. Many instances of slow-loading for hours at a time that would slow down meetings and make it not-too-fun to work in Fibery. I know you guys said in your comparison series that you were “about as fast” as Air Table, Coda, Notion, but in terms of just typing, opening entities, creating entities, navigating around, sorry to say that my experience has been that Fibery was WAY slower. Haven’t seen the improvement yet, but really hoping it’s there as we will be back to heavy use in the next few days!