Sidebar Space (aka App) sort order

Hi - what’s the default app sort order, for the icons on the left?

I see that I can drag/drop the icons up or down, but, does that change show for everyone?, or, do I need to get each user to drag/drop them how they like?

It would be great if an admin could define the default, then if the users want to change it, they can.


Big upvote for this request! I just spent several minutes trying to explain where something was, but of course it was in a different location on their screen than mine. I’m the admin and should be able to set default, and maybe some kind of small, persistent indicator when someone has customized the menu.

Or maybe you should even consider having the main menu as admin-only organization, and a separate area that users can personalize…

Yes glad you discovered this!

I assume you’ve seen by now, as you mentioned you were perusing the boards, a lot of @rickcogley and @Shafqat_Ullah’s early posts. Unfortunately I haven’t seen either of them around a while, but in the early days they both were posting quite a bit of good stuff for the beta, feel like you, @Chr1sG, maybe myself :slight_smile: have been carrying on the torch!

Not to beat it to death, but really have been thinking the last day or so about @helloitse suggestion that I was about to make and how nice it would be organize some of these requests, and upvote as well:

The left sidebar is a great subject in and of itself. There has been talk of:

  • Smartfolders (most recently I picked up something cryptic here…

  • Handling of Entities that have the option of “show entity in the left menu”, and thus show up in a hierarchy of sorts, but one that I’ve found challenging, at times not working correctly that I’ve pinged the team via Intercom about

  • Ordering Apps as discussed here

  • Your latest here


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I like that each user can change the order of spaces to be whatever fits their need. But it can be confusing for new users. The order of my spaces is intentional for how information travels and the natural workflow of my company. Seeing these out of order slows the onboarding process when I bring new teams on. Would it be possible to create a default space order in the settings, but each user can then adjust if they want something different after they’re more accustomed to Fibery?

Spaces used to be called apps, so I think this is the same as this:

If you agree, we can merge these topics.

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Awesome, glad it has been noted before. Looks to be the same idea, thanks @Chr1sG

Here’s a tip if you (as an Admin) want to ‘push’ the left menu ordering you have to any other users:

Create a button automation on the User db, and use the following script:

const fibery = context.getService('fibery');

for (const entity of args.currentEntities) {
    const userToCopy = await fibery.getEntityById(entity.type, args.currentUser['Id'], ['fibery/menu-rank']);
    await fibery.updateEntity(entity.type,, { 'fibery/menu-rank': userToCopy['fibery/menu-rank'] });

Then select any User and press the button. This user’s left menu will now be ordered to match yours.
(of course, depending on the permissions, they may not see all the same spaces as you).