Show your Vacations Space?

Hi all! :wave:

I was wondering if someone could show their customized Vacations App, as I’m looking into the ways and ideas to make the standard one better.

I have basic usage concerns, like “how do I set the state holidays for everyone, how do I manage paid and unpaid leaves, how do I make formulas omit the weekends” – and I thought that everyone using it has probably dealt with these concerns in some way.

So I just wanted to ask: would someone want to show off their awesome customized Vacations App? :slight_smile:

@antoniokov Is working on these problems right now and I hope he will share the space soon.

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BTW, here is the early MVP.

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Well, I’m tempted to re-type the arcane formulas by @Chr1sG right from the video right now!
Thanks for sharing! @antoniokov, I’m looking forward to picking that baby up right off your hands! :slight_smile:


If(WeekDayName(Dates.Start(),"dy") = "mon",0,If(WeekDayName(Dates.Start(),"dy") = "tue",1,If(WeekDayName(Dates.Start(),"dy") = "wed",2,If(WeekDayName(Dates.Start(),"dy") = "thu",3,If(WeekDayName(Dates.Start(),"dy") = "fri",4,If(WeekDayName(Dates.Start(),"dy") = "sat",5,6))))))


If(WeekDayName(Dates.End(),"dy") = "mon",6,If(WeekDayName(Dates.End(),"dy") = "tue",5,If(WeekDayName(Dates.End(),"dy") = "wed",4,If(WeekDayName(Dates.End(),"dy") = "thu",3,If(WeekDayName(Dates.End(),"dy") = "fri",2,If(WeekDayName(Dates.End(),"dy") = "sat",1,0))))))


(((((ToDays(Dates.End(false) - Dates.Start()) + S) + E) * 5) / 7) - If(S > 5,5,S)) - If(E < 3,0,E - 2)
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We are considering adding a function to get the day as a number instead of text, which will make S and E much simpler :slight_smile:

Thanks a whole lot!