Show dynamically filtered view when clicking on a relationship link

I’ll first ask here if this feature is already producable before labelling it as a feature request.

We can’t filter a view with one click on a relation.

  • Navigate to a view (e.g. list view) and you want to filter the view down based on one of the relations fields in it. For example, you have a Project Tasks list view, listing all the tasks that relate to a particular project, and each tasks has a ‘team’ relation field.
  • I like to be able to click the team, and make the view automatically filter itself to only show tasks of that team, maintaining the existing filters (in this case the project relation)

I could imagine this to happen through a dropdown in the field, although it can be thought through how the workflow best could happen. Entity relationship fields currently allow the following behavior:, as a direct link to the entity display (Alt click) or an editable field of the entity (through a dropdown).

The current alternative, as far as I see, is the manual creation of a new view that includes the necessary filters. This of course is not a solution for an easy workflow.

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