Shared inbox Integration (Gmelius)

Hi, in regard to integrations we would like to suggest an integration with the shared inbox tool(s) like gmelius.

Why: It’s a specialized app which manages in a lightweight (in terms of functionality and price) way the typical email workflows like ticketing, super light CRM, shared inbox and shared drafts as well of notification and comments.

In Feb. 2021 they now have released the public API. Build custom integrations with Gmelius API

The good thing is that from perspective you already deal with prequalified data like a ticket system, intercom conversation or Discourse articles. And not just “every email”

a bit of the typical me vs. others infos: How to move from Zendesk Inbox to Gmail - #1 Alternative | Gmelius

There are a few others out there like but lacking an API as of now.

Many thanks for the suggestion - noted and we will track the requests and mentions from users :face_with_monocle:
Although as I see many cases can be already covered via already existing tools, and btw Zendesk integration is on the way here :steam_locomotive: