💬 Feature Request: Intercom Inbox App

It would be amazing to have an Intercom Inbox App that allows you to map Fibery Type data and automatically pull in Customer data via set entity fields (like if Intercom Email <> Fibery [Entity Type] “Email”) and display them within Intercom Inbox.

Or – use existing Intercom Fibery integration to pull in Contact data and then related TYPE data.

Hubspot Example:

Additionally, maybe even a way to create entities from Intercom Inbox as you can with Clickup, Jira and others.

Jira Example:

Clickup Example:

We already started building a custom internal inbox app to accomplish this, but I imagine Fibery team can pull it off better and other users could find this helpful.



Yes good request would definitely find his useful, being able to create the entity right off in Intercom. In particular, a task or bug for Engineering if the support agent using Intercom thinks there’s a need.

I’m familiar with the integrations you point out from those other tools. It seems like Intercom is open to integrating like this with tools like Fibery. I wonder if @Michael and team have thought about talking to them to build this next iteration of the existing integration we have? I think it would really give a boost to product teams, most of which are probably using Intercom and would need this. Without this feature in fact, I think the current intercom integration is kind of missing a piece.


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Would this be of interest to Fibery team? @Polina_Zenevich

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Definitely yes :slight_smile:
I suppose we would develop all the upcoming new integrations and then will be back to polish and improve existing ones :sparkles:

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Linear now has an inbox app on intercom in which you can link issues. It would be awesome and even more powerful to have the ability to link fibery entities.