Several issues using relation links on many-to-many entity cards in Whiteboards

  1. When I try to create a relations link between two entity cards that have a many-to-many relationship, the entity link line indicating they’re connected is displayed until I open any entity and then the entity link line disappears and it appears they were never connected in the first place.

Entities should never appear linked with an entity link line if they’re not actually linked.

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  1. If the “Show entity links” setting on and two many-to-many related entities are manually (within the entity itself) linked to each other, two separate entity link lines are then displayed, instead of just a single entity link line. If one of the lines is deleted, both lines disappear and the relationship is destroyed.

Why can’t there just be a single line?

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  1. If you have two cards connected with a single line entity link as a one-to-many relationship and then change the relationship type into many-to-many, a single entity line is displayed with an arrow on each end (which is preferred to the two lines described in #2).

Entity link line styling/behavior should always be consistent

  1. If the single line entity link (from #3) is deleted, it is impossible to get the entity link between those two cards to ever get displayed again. Even if you delete one of the cards and add it back in, it will temporarily show the two lines (described in #2) but those lines disappear as soon as you open an entity.

Deleting an entity link line once should not cause it to permanently lose the ability to be visually linked again

  1. Entity cards should not be able to have multiple entity link lines added to them as they’re only linked once.

The ability to add additional entity links to cards that are already visually connected with the same entity link should be restricted.