Send email on a schedule that contains a list of entites

I have a birthday list and I want to send one email once a month containing info about the birthdays for that month.

Using the current schedule action, I can filter for a list of birthdays, but then it will send an email for every birthday instead of one email containing all birthdays.

The only solution I can think of is to have a separate database that has exactly one item in it that I can trigger on, and then pull the birthdays into the template using javascript.

Is there a better/easier way?

I have also tried adding having a generic table for reminder emails, and then in the description of I add a view to the to the birthdays for the current month and then use the description in the email body. But understandably that view does not render in the email.

Thank you

If you’re comfortable with javascript, then you can just use a bit of js in the markdown template for the email you send, to filter the birthdays to only those in the current month.
And you can have the automation only run once by using a filter which guarantees to return only one birthday, e.g. your own :wink:
It doesn’t matter which one, since the js can take care of ensuring all relevant birthdays are mentioned in the email body.

As someone who doesn’t know Javascript, I would just create a months database (Jan 24, Feb 24, Mar 24, etc.). Then create a relationship to users that automatically connects birthday people for that month (Mar = Mar). Then put the scheduled email automation on the month database, filtered to “this month”, and insert the connected people as a markdown table with names/dates.

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Thanks for the feedback

So I realized that the right thing to do is actually bring the users back to a fibery view, and I can easily add that link into a template.

So I ended up changing direction and I am going to build a repeated reminders space that will run on a schedule and based on a selection just move the next send date on based on the selected repeat frequency.

I can then just add my Birthday reminder as an entity with a monthly frequency, containing the link to the page with the birthdays for the month.