Self Referencing Filters

I use a lot of self-referencing filters, first in Notion, now Obsidian. Can I do this in Fibery? Can I have a filtered table within another table row and filter it to only show entities (is that the correct term?) that reference the parent page?

For example I have a bunch of Knowledge Topics that are their own pages. Within each of those pages (say the “Parenting” page) I have various tables (Notes, Resources, Goals, Questions, Projects, Attachments) that are filtered down to only show those pages that reference Knowledge Topic:: Parenting, or whatever.

Can I do that here?

It’s almost certainly possible, but it’s a bit hard to say specifically how, without knowing how your data is (or ideally will be) structured in Fibery.

Fibery has databases which can relate to each other.
It also has views (of entities in one or more databases) and documents (which are kind of freefrom pages).

As well as the structured relations between databases, Fibery allows you to mention/reference entities within documents (and also within rich text fields of entities themselves).
So depending on how you would like things to work, you might create databases for each type of ‘thing’ (Knowledge topics, Notes, Resources, Goals, Questions, Projects etc) and relate them together.
For more ad hoc connections, just creating a knowlege topic document and #mentioning other entities (or documents) might be better.

When an entity is mentioned/referenced, a list of the referring things is automatically created (back-references) which allows you to follow these ad hoc links in either direction, so to speak.

I suggest you have a go experimenting with databases and documents so that you can try and figure out for yourself when structured relations are appropriate and when references will work better.

Unless the referring entity is a Document :worried:

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