See rich text fields of linked entitites in feed view

Use case:

I moved our existing invoice approval process to Fibery to streamline it.

Email approval [message] (Gmail integration) automatically gets linked to [invoice], AI scans the message for cost center approval and updates the relevant fields of the invoice entity.

Before moving the invoice to the final state, it’s still necessary to quickly read the email to double check that there is no other relevant information in the mail which we might miss if we process it without checking.

An extremely convenient way of doing that in bulk would be to have a feed view of the invoices, but showing the rich text field of the linked [messages] (invoice-one to many-messages). Basically showing messages, but grouped by the invoice.
The most usual case would then be to see the email we send asking for review, and the reply.

That would allow us to quickly scan for special cases in bulk and then approve everything at once.
Right now, I have to open each invoice entity and check in the replies in the feed view of the linked messages (feed view within entity is such a cool feature btw :heart_eyes:)

Have you considered using a smart folder?
You could use Invoice as the smart folder db and create a context-filtered feed view of related messages for each Invoice…
And if you have an Invoice status, you can filter to only show Invoices that haven’t been reviewed yet

I’m not sure I understand correctly:
Do you mean that I shall create a context-filtered feed view within entity view, and use the smart folder to click through them?

If that’s what you mean that’s a great idea, thank you. It’s definitely a step-up from opening the entities from table view and having to close the window each time.

Actually, I meant that you could create a smart folder in the left menu using the Invoice DB, and under one of them, create the required feed view (of email Messages, which should automatically be context filtered), making sure to define it as view for all Invoices.
If you apply a filter to the smart folder to only show Invoices not in the final state, you won’t have an overwhelming number of Invoices in the smart folder, and you can open each folder to look through the related email Messages in turn.