Saved filters in Views

I’ve hacked this in our workspace :sweat_smile:
Left menu is only navigation; no views.

When you open a page (which is an entity itself) then you have the ‘work area’

We show a lot of data there since I believe that the user needs to have all information in one place to save time.

The weekly overview page is to big for screenshots but if I collapse all databases (deze week) you’ll see what we are showing on a ‘menu page’.

It’s in Dutch but there are

  • Shortcuts (to the Wiki ‘how this works’, financial plan, next week and this month’
  • Weekly goal
  • Planning per day
  • Tasks
  • Content
  • Resources
  • Appointments
  • Projects
  • Client projects
  • Marketing events
  • Milestones
  • Weekly review

It’s fully automated. So when a user sets a deadline (January 5th) or a ‘vague planning’ (this week, next week, this month) then all entities are automatically in ‘this week’ (or week 3, 4, 5, etc.)

Same for this month, quarter, year, etc.

One space
We only have 1 space that the user uses, the rest is hidden.


The whole left menu is basically entities that are shown via smart folder configuration



And we’ve created lots of databases that only act as a ‘menu page’ so that we can build the view.

I know this is not a ‘normal Fibery set-up’

As a Fibery partner delivering Fibery workspaces is the core business of my company. We’ve started November 2022 with building and hopefully the first pilot customer will go live this month.

It’s not very doable for a normal user to achieve what we’ve achieved via these ‘hacks’. But I think the UI that we have is pretty awesome for a user. That’s why we’re spending a few thousand hours to achieve this and sell the solution to customers with the same problems/needs as we have.

Would be great if Fibery can achieve the same for normal users :slight_smile:

And if we can have default full width when there is no right column (I’ve made a hack for that this morning) and ‘tabs’ for the multiple views instead of dropdowns. With full width you will have enough space :slight_smile:

(And copying a context view would be really really helpful as well :sweat_smile: That’s a pain in the ass and is so time consuming)

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