Rich Text: Resizing an image also triggers browser "selection" event

When editing a Rich Text, resizing an embedded image apparently triggers some kind of browser “selection” event.

I have a (Chrome) browser plugin called “Auto Copy” that reacts to every “text selection” in the browser by copying the new selection to the system clipboard (so I don’t have to hit Ctrl+C).

What happens when I resize a Rich Text embedded image is that this “Auto Copy” plugin detects a “selection” event and responds by copying the image div (as an HTML-format clip, not plain text) to my system clipboard:

<div data-pm-slice="0 0 []"><img src="/api/files/b1560ba3-85bd-4d46-8500-55976bf2e032#width=592&amp;height=227" alt="image.png" title="" data-node-height="400" data-node-width="900" data-node-page-width="true" data-node-full-width="false"></div>

This is unexpected, since I am not selecting the image, only adjusting its size.

Is it not reasonable that adjusting the size of something implies that you need to first select it?
I mean, that’s my experience with most image manipulation tools, I think.

In this case I am just dragging the resizing handle/widget that appears next to the image… I was not expecting that to select the image.