REST:REST mapper app

This is kind of OT but I wonder: if you have an ops db, in which there is some info that should be synced with Fibery, of course a solution could be scripted in which we pull from Fibery and push to our ops db and vice versa.

Does anyone happen to know of a kind of “middleware” service that lets you map between an entity in service 1’s db, and an entity in service 2’s db, via their REST interfaces, so you can keep them in sync, or at least make one mirror the master?

I already have some developments implementing such a synchronization module. Dear @rickcogley, please write with what services do you want to integrate?

It’s a bit esoteric, but we use a version of the PaaS Teamdesk, which has a REST API. We keep all our stuff like contacts, clients, projects and so on in this. I have some scripts I use to extract and handle info from it, but I was wondering if a generic mapper product existed. I’ve used a tool like before for “edi document mapping”, in an EDI project, and was wondering if something like that exists to sit between REST interfaces.