Request: 💰 Stripe Integration

+1 For Stripe Integration! Currently, we are housing all customers, charges, subscriptions, etc.

We use webhook flows to get the data into Fibery.

Would be amazing to be able to pull in this data, automatically, in real-time if possible.


I think this is interesting and I think this makes much more sense than the declared integration upcoming of the tool Fibery uses, Braintree. But I would actually like to recommend against integrating with payment processors as I see this as a low-priority item and best handled via API or Integromat - a sensible integration I think - when it comes. We really need stuff like Mobile which I saw you also just voted for, and I think we are getting into a lot of fringe integrations now with Discourse, payment processing, and I think Jira and Trello are odd since those are competiting services and I’d like to see Fibery focus on replacing them, not integrating them. In the meantime many, many basics remain undeveloped and my work in Fibery suffers on a daily basis without this stuff, such as a proper indexable search so I can find things my team writes in Documents!

I don’t mean to dwell on this stuff, but today we have these integrations at the top of the forum and I really wonder how much they are going to help Fibery in its long-term goals of gaining footing amongst users of Notion, Coda, etc., if when those users come in to try Fibery they can’t see basic features, yet they can integrate with Discourse! Sorry but I just have to wonder how many people would rather have that feature vs. Mobile anything, notifications that include the actual context of what was done in - entity, etc. etc. Thankfully I think the team is going to get to all that sooner than later (I hope!), but I am simply very eager because it is tough to work in here on a daily basis without that stuff!

Thanks for listening!

Ironically the Discourse integration is theoretically helping the Fibery team to account for feedback like this vs. the other features you mentioned… :wink:

Edit: also I don’t want to derail this thread, but I thought I’d mention a theory I have, which as someone involved in software dev you’re probably already aware of. But I suspect that in fact these integrations are relatively trivial for them to do now that they have the integration system itself, the underlying functionality to interconnect to other APIs, match with data types on the other end, import into Fibery fields, etc. I would guess it’s a simple matter of using the existing APIs of the target system, reviewing the available data fields/types/etc. and deciding which you want to support for integration, then creating corresponding Fibery Type and Field templates to match. Might be just a few days work. Of course this adds up over many integrations, but it’s still probably less time than e.g. overhauling and redesigning the entire front-end UI for mobile, or implementing activity streams, etc.

So my guess is these are low-dev-time features with high impact relative to their dev time requirements. That and it’s clear the Fibery team needs to work smoothly and efficiently too and so they implement integrations that are useful for them, which you can look at as a force multiplier for their own small team. As a startup a few days of time spent implementing a Braintree integration so they can have direct sales data and automated MRR calculations, etc. probably saves Michael or someone a couple hours a month and over the long-term is worth it.

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I hear you on this, but I think you are possibly overlooking a key aspect of Software Development - often what you think will be simple work does not prove to be and you can go down a road of losing a lot of time on builds if you are not careful. I can’t be sure, and there is merit to what you are saying, but I feel like this Discourse integration actually took a while, and sorry but I don’t see much else released in the last few weeks. My point of view is simply of a user hungry for key features and I’m not seeing them! Only the Fibery team can tell us did it really take just a few hours to integrate Trello, write about it on the Release notes, etc. and the same with Braintree and Jira, etc. And re: Braintree, OK I understand the integration may help them, but can you think of where you’ve heard or read that when you are in Agile mode and releasing features, you should do a feature for your users that is in fact one you are going to take advantage of first and foremost? How does this stuff compare to Phone # Field in terms of complexity? Maybe much simpler in the back end. I would have thought not. We can’t really know. I am mainly concerned with what we can see as users and take advantage of on a daily basis. That is what I’m pretty sure Lean and Agile are about. I need Phone # field and so do a lot of others. I have no use of Discourse or Braintree, and I moved my Jira to free once I started using Fibery because I’m replacing it with Fibery.

Enjoying this “discourse” and thanks for the commentary!

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They added Braintree, so I requested Stripe, since it is a popular payment processor ― it only makes sense.

In addition to the “data” payment integrations provide ― they actually allow for further automated processes in relation with the customer <> payment. It’s definitely important.

I always advocate for Mobile Optimization (88%+ of our customers use mobile), but for a team tool and core tool ― it is much less of a priority in comparison to the bigger picture in my opinion… I’d much rather know my data is working seamlessly with Fibery, rather than being able to use a Fibery Mobile app.

In all honesty, I actually hope they put off Mobile over other features. #1 Being Automation and #2 Being Entity History for me, personally.

By the way, Fibery can still be used on a mobile device… Tip for iPhone users ― Set page zoom level to 50% and “Request Desktop Site”. No, it isn’t perfect, but it works.

Anywho, I’m sure the Fibery team can prioritize what they believe is important overall. But, someone has to post the requests :slight_smile:


Hey good to get your follow-up!

I agree 100% with these needs:

If I had to choose, I would put Mobile behind those as well. But I think Mobile should be addressed in some way soon. A lot of my team uses IPads for example. I just don’t want to see Mobile get pushed back, as with it so far in the backlog there is a danger it can stay there. But I was very happy to see you vote for it, too :slight_smile:

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Yep, good points from you both. Ultimately only Fibery team can know what actually takes more time, etc. My thought on whether integrations have been underestimated is that they keep doing them, so I would guess (and hope) the answer is no, otherwise it means they are not learning from negative past experience. :wink:

That said, I would also think that a phone # field should not be so hard. Though I know that in those sorts of cases sometimes the one case is not hard, but it actually links with a bigger feature or overhaul that they want to do, and so doing small-scope, short-term work on 1 instance now (phone field) would ultimately cost more time in the long-run if e.g. they are overhauling field type handling in general or something. Just a theory…

Ultimately in absence of full transparency, we can only guess. I don’t expect full transparency, so some faith is required. From the sound of the latest “overly transparent blog” post, January and thereafter should be interesting though…

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Oh and also this makes perfect sense. I would have thought if any payment processor would have been integrated, it would have been Stripe, if not PayPal. But what I think would be dangerous is to see prioritization of one payment processor after another while things like Activity Stream are not addressed!

Were thinking about it and now are collecting requests, thanks! :sparkling_heart: