Reports: Smart Folder dataset pre-filtering doesn't work

When I create a Report in a Smart folder, it seems like the Report dataset is being pre-filtered accordingly.

But the Report still tries to load the entire (unfiltered) dataset, and fails:

If the report is being context filtered (in a smart folder) you should see that during the configuration (with the usual ‘create for just this entity or all MetaUsers’)
What’s the relationship between MetaUsers and Calls?

The relation is – One MetaUser : many Calls

MetaUsers is being context-filtered by the Smart Folder.

The problem is that this filtering has not taken place at/before the Report Configuration stage - and that causes the Report Configuration to bomb because there are too many Calls records (because they haven’t been filtered by the Smart Folder like they should be).

I only have a couple hundred MetaUsers, but there are >1M Calls - that’s what needs to be filtered by MetaUser.

If I create a Report NOT in a smart folder, then I have the opportunity at the initial Report Configuration step to manually put a filter on Calls (which is necessary because there are >200k Calls).

However, in the Smart Folder Report it is not possible to manually filter Calls by MetaUser (see image - MetaUser is not in the Calls filter-list), I assume because this has “supposedly” already been done by the Smart Folder. But it apparently hasn’t.

When I create a report in a smart folder (and there exists a 1:n relationship between the smart folder db and the db which the report is to be based on) during set up I see the following:

and once I’m in the config stage, I see this:

The parts highlighted in yellow are only present for context-filtered reports.
Your first message’s second screenshot seems to show you’re not seeing this context-filter, and it’s not obvious to me why.
(in your second message screenshot, there are two dbs being used for the report, so I wouldn’t expect to see context filtering here).

Perhaps you could make a video/gif of the process you’re following and I might spot something.
(feel free to blur parts and/or send privately if you’re concerned about displaying sensitive data)

Why not? The Smart Folder is still specifying/filtering-for one specific MetaUser, regardless of whether there are other DBs in the report.

And if this were not the case, why would I no longer have the option to manually specify a MetaUser filter in the Report configuration? The exact same Report configuration, when NOT in a Smart Folder, allows me to do that.

Well I was meaning that if you have a MetaUsers smart folder, and create a context report for each MetaUser, which includes in its source data the MetaUser database, the context is ‘filter to itself’.
Fibery doesn’t support such ‘to-self’ context filtering (although I can understand why you might want it to).

Having said that, I have checked, and I can have two dbs, MetaUser and Calls in the same report, and context filtering is available for Calls:

I really don’t know why you don’t see the yellow context filter in your case :confused:

That works for me too – in an ordinary Report, but not in a Smart Folder that is filtering on MetaUser.

I’d really like to get an answer to whether this can/will be fixed.

It is a problem because it prevents me from using Smart Folders to filter Reports, and the only other way to do this would be to manually create a separate Report for EVERY MetaUser (of which there are a couple hundred, and new ones are regularly created automatically via an integration) – not a reasonable way to have to do things with a system like Fibery :frowning_face:

It seems unlikely to me that there is any technical reason why it can’t work the way it “should”. I assume that what’s happening is that the Smart Folder filtering is being done at a later stage of Report generation, but it needs to be applied at the earliest stage (corresponding to Report Configuration source filtering).

How can you get context filtering in an ordinary report?

Anyway, putting that aside…

Absolutely, it should work, and does work for me, so we need to figure out why it’s not working for you.
Here’s what I have done and how it works for me. Is there anything different in what you’re doing?


I misspoke - I meant “ordinary” filtering in the Report Configuration.

Unless you have > 200k Calls entities, that is the first thing that’s different. I can never make it through Report Configuration because of that (and because the context filtering isn’t being applied – if it was, there would be way fewer records to process).

I was beginning to wonder that too, so I’ve checked with the devs if there’s a catch 22 here, namely it can’t progress to showing the context filter options because of too many records, but to reduce the number of records a filter is required…

Smart Folder context filtering just needs to be applied before the reporting engine scans the data set.

It already works this way for “ordinary” configuration-level Report filters.