Remove (or at least increase) "unit" label character limits

I run into the 5 character limitation for unit labels all the time and having more characters to use would be super helpful to be able to work around inline field labels not getting displayed unless you mouse over them.

Also, because we have many different calculations that need to be easily and quickly identified from each other, we often struggle to make 5 character or less unit labels that are readable and consistent.

My current unit names because of the 5 character limit and our desire for consistency:

Points Total = Total
Points Planned = Plan
Points Estimated = Est
Points Logged = Log
Points Billed = Bill
Points Used = Used
Points Remaining = Rem

As you can see it’s not really possible to fit a reference to Points anywhere, so user who are less experienced than others don’t understand the short forms we’re using.

Here’s what we would use if 6 characters were allowed, which would start to get a reference to the actual unit in there with the letter P:

Points Total = P Tot
Points Planned = P Plan
Points Estimated = P Est
Points Logged = P Log
Points Billed = P Bill
Points Used = P Used
Points Remaining = P Rem

And if we had 10 characters (ideal):

Points Total = Pts Total
Points Planned = Pts Plan'd
Points Estimated = Pts Est'd
Points Logged = Pts Log'd
Points Billed = Pts Bill'd
Points Used = Pts Used
Points Remaining = Pts Remain

At the very least, can you change the error on the character limit from “number measure unit must be string with less than 6 symbols” to “number measure unit must be string with 5 or less symbols”. It’s very weird to say “less than 6” instead of “5 or less” or “up to 5”.


We have the same problems. It’s a really nice feature to help the user what they need to fill in. Would be great if more characters are allowed.

The expandable header feature released today is a step in the right direction on this I think. Would be really cool to be able to expand entities in list view in a similar way so we could more easily read the labels!

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