Removal of irrelevant parts of publicly shared entities

Removal of irrelevant parts of publicly shared entities.

For example:

  • Formula name: Hide the formula character of the Name field.
  • The field values: Hide value/relation if inaccessible for public viewers.
  • The complete field: Hide field if inaccessible for fields that public viewers dont have access.


Yes that would be really nice.

I really like to work with database entities instead of documents. But it looks so stupid to share entities publicly with all the relations that we have :sweat_smile: That I’m creating some workarounds via documents to prevent this :smiling_face_with_tear:

(and documents are also not ideal since you can’t turn of references there…)


As we add support for multiple entity views for a given db, it is anticipated that it will become possible to specify which entity view should be used for public sharing.
It probably won’t solve the problem of showing the formula icon, but it will allow you to choose which fields are visible to outsiders.