Read-Only Views

I have been using Fibery as a database for concrete mix designs (a bit unique I know :grin:). I use a table view to input the data which is great, but my team has been using a board view with filters to compare various groups of designs. This latter use has no need to edit the data, only view it.

While the board view makes it very easy to set filters and see the ingredients in each mix design, it is also very easy to accidentally move an ingredient to the neighboring mix and mess things up. An ability to make a view read-only would fix my concern.

Maybe I am not using board view in the intended way or I am being too paranoid. A simple solution would be to limit my team members to read only access which would work, for now.

Have others seen a need for this or am I the only one? I could not find any other posts on this topic.

I think a toggle to lock a board would be rather handy. I’ve not faced THIS problem, but I’ve faced similar problems as Admin, where changes happen a little too easily


If users don’t need to edit data, then consider making them guests, or setting the permissions for the space containing the data to view only.

Note: a view can live in a different space than the database that it is displaying data from, so you can put the database in a read-only space, but provide a space with creator permissions to contain views which users need to be able to configure.


Moving the view to a different space is definitely a possibility. If I actually run into the issues I fear, then that will be my solution. Thanks!

A toggle lock would be helpful. I have seen that feature in other tools. It was not something I thought I would miss


Not sure if it’s still relevant, but there’s a solution of adding a Formula field to the database you are displaying as cards, and referencing the Status field. This will then become a read only column you can use to separate your board. This will then not allow users to move items around in the board. Is that what you mean?