Quote/Proposal Structure?

Howdy All,

I have been making good progress on my Fibery instance, but I think I could use some outside feedback again.

I am trying to setup a quoting (sales workflow) process for product numbers. Each quote has one internal reference, one customer, one customer reference, & at least one product (often multiple)/Line item. Each line should only have one product. There is a separate database storing products (but there will be many products that will be manually added).

Where I am struggling is trying to add multiple products to one quote request without having my users manually create the relation to the parent request. I have been trying to utilize a relation via quote# & line#. An automation button would work, but I’d like to find a solution that can allow a user to enter several products at once, creating several quote lines, and automatically linking to the parent rfq.

Anyone have any ideas? :joy:


Does a line item need to include a quantity (of a specific product)?
Is there a ‘Line item’ database?


Yes – I have separate databases for Customers, Products, Quote Header (info that applies to all items on a quote request), & Quote Line Item.

Turns out I was over thinking it – I just needed to setup a table within the Quote Header info to make it easier to enter.

So you mean that you will use a table view for the collection of Quote Line Items in the Quote Header entity view (instead of the default list view)?
Absolutely sounds like the right solution.

p.s. you might want to make an automation that sets the default quantity for the Quote Line Items :thinking:
it could save you a few clicks in the long run

The quantities are all over the place, so that is a manual entry field.
BUT, we can paste from a spreadsheet into the table, so that will save us some clicks.

I do have a lot of automation running to get to this stage. Quotes are automatically started & assigned once an email is imported with a specific tag (email integration → task database → RFQ header setup linked to customer/buyer based on email). More automation planned as I get further into the weeds.

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Nice. Sounds like you’re really getting to grips with a lot of what Fibery can offer :muscle:

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