Quick Entry DNP

What is the best way to set up a quick entry situation for a Daily Notes Page? Especially for mobile.

I have a table where each row is a day. This is where I put all of my journaling and data for each day.

On desktop I have a Smart Folder that filters out all days except for today so I can more easily access the entity quickly. Still a bit too much friction for me, but I’ll live.

On mobile it’s a lot more painful. Are there any ideas for a way to set this up so I can quickly input journal entries or fill out various fields as they come up throughout the day?

  • Form view doesn’t work because as far I know I can’t have it automatically be applied to today’s date and each time I fill it out will create a new row, correct?

  • The smart folder takes a lot of very tiny taps to get to on a mobile screen.

  • Feed view is the best so far, but doesn’t give me quick access to fields, just the rich text.

It would be nice if I could either have better access to fields in feed view or some sort of dynamic favorite that I could add to my homescreen.

Anyone else have a good workflow for this?

You could use a rule to populate a date field when an entity is created.

You can show/hide fields in the top bar of each entity in feed view.

Won’t that create a bunch of rows for the same date? I want all of the entries to be under the same row/entity with only one per date.

Not usable and doesn’t even show all of them.

Sorry, I didn’t get that detail on first reading.

That’s quite a lot of fields. Could you hide if empty?

That wouldn’t really help as I want to be able to fill them in/add info as I go through my day. There are some I could hide when filled, but not all. Not to mention for example I have an Events relation that if I have even one entity in there it pretty much takes up the whole space.

Have you considered experimenting with the custom date app, and using a board view filtered to just ‘today’?

Can I show rich text fields in board view? I can’t see how to do that.

No, you’d have to open each card.
Tbh, Fibery isn’t really optimised for mobile note taking, so probably anything is going to be more ‘click heavy’ than you’d like.

You can edit Rich Text fields in a Feed View.

Your “Day” entities could also be auto-created for you for using a time-based Rule.

Yes, I currently auto create days with automations. This + feed view is what I’m currently doing but it doesn’t work well with fields as discussed above.

Ideally there would be a low friction way to interact with both rich text and fields. I wish there was a form view option to edit an existing entity. Then I could have a morning journal form that only showed the relevant fields for my DNP, a daytime form with other fields for my DNP and a nightly journal form with the rest of the DNP fields.


You’re not alone! I too have requested this elsewhere…

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In terms of quick-entry I loved the way acreom implemented “quick-capture”

I could press a combination of keys everywhere on my desktop (for exmaple CTRL + Space + Enter) to pull up a quick-capture window where I could jot down my notes. These would then go automatically into a daily inbox.

It was a great way to capture everything and organize it later, and it made me use the tool more.
(I understand it could be done that way because acreom was running as an app on my desktop, rathenr than in the browser. This could still maybe be achieved by running fibery as a web app?)

In Fibery sometimes I don’t capture quick notes with it because I don’t have a real space for them nor a quick way of doing it.