Publish to web with good SEO

Right now it’s possible to build a public website from fibery public docs, but google will probably not show it to anyone, defeating the purpose.
The editing experience is fantastic and beats the pants off wordpress. Wouldn’t it be good to have clean urls, basic SEO, and a ‘static’ (not js-dependent) page that google would love?

The fantastic thing about fibery is that being an all-purposes tool it beats specialized tools at their own game. Clear example: editing a complex website. A bunch of docs in fibery beats the pants off of any CRM that I know, with things like versioning, auditing log, references, embedded youtube, etc

You’re probably in the minority thinking that Fibery beats niche tools :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s not only ‘editing articles for public consumption’ (aka wordpress) where I think fibery has the upper hand. Also for notes, I think the UX in fibery beats the best-in-class tools (For me,, but for the general population, it’s obsidian)