Publish to blog (in the style of + more

I was thinking about how you have a most wonderful blog, and that publishing to such a blog from within would be quite useful, especially if we can bring smartness into it.

Think if would be a layer on top of fibery. Where the way you populate your content could be from dynamic linking to realtime data that’s pulled from within fibery, visualised with the help of Would be valuable to be able to track funnels in the manner of And the assets could be designed and changed in realtime over at Interconnected realtime value streams. Add split testing to that and we could call it a day :slight_smile: . Sure there’s more on the wish list but the hub-of-digitally transformed knowledge organisations needs these three parts: 1. Co-creative production. 2.Connected (collaborative) publishing. 3. Co-shared insight of how the work is being received.

I am of the sentiment that fibery can (and should) become the tech engine of relearning organisations. The data structure looks promising and blurring the lines of “doing the work”, “publish the work” and “get insight from the response of the work” are long over due. Digital really don’t need to be static, but the fragmentation of tools kind of force organisations into breaking work down into deliverables that are separated, when in truth the work could be a continuous stream of value. One small step to bridge that would be a publishing-from-fibery. I get that it is never that simple and that the second this would hit the news the demand for “on my own site” would arise. But you guys are smart, I’ll leave some of the solving to you :smiley:

@Linus We did have this idea and wanted to integrate Fibery with some sort of static website generator like GatsbyJs, but so far we did not go in this direction. I hope someday we will have the courage to do this :slight_smile:

Might something close to this be possible soon, through the combination of permissions settings and free read-only anonymous guest accounts (i.e. no username/password required)?

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I’m relatively new using Fibery, but could an integration help with this at all?

Have something like Zapier take Fibery entities of a type “Blog” that are in state “Publish” and slurp their Description field content and put it somewhere else (like a WP post).

That’s not a Fibery-hosted/native blog, but it would theoretically allow for blog post creation directly within Fibery.

When the Fibery team can get to this, it would be cool to have “Public Descriptions” get published to a site that allows for direct customer feedback/input (similar to ProductBoard).

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I would also go for a export and external renderer like Gatsby etc etc… make a field wit a date and ad “publish” status. and react on them. I think when the fibery native actions come along this might be even simpler, but already to day I assume integromat or Zapier can do something here.

BTW, I’m also just think about tha, How we get Data out of Fibery for Agreements and documents lioke we see in pandadoc or similar. Fibery can create a good metamodel with rhich text and properties. This should be OK.

I would then keep the “rendering” layout and Document Process Out of Fibery, and may get a signed Document back in over another API.