Prompt user for information from within a script

I have a button that duplicates an entity type (Process) and its children (also Process, self referenced) to another entity type (Task). It also copies document data and assigns the newly created Tasks to the current user.

Everything is fine so far. What I’m looking for is a way to prompt the user to assign the newly created Tasks to a Project, much like the prompt that exists today. Only done programmatically.

  1. Is it possible to prompt the user for information from within a script?


It isn’t possible.
But I wonder why you need to use a script in the first place.
Is it not possible to achieve what you want with the standard no-code actions?

If not, then I suggest a combination. Use the ‘update’ action to request a value from the user, and then use this value in your script.

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I’m probably thinking about this the wrong way.

But I thought I could/wanted do this without connecting the Process entity to the Project/Task entities since they don’t have a any other connection use cases other than this scenario (copy Process to Tasks and connect Tasks to Project. And that this way would be “cleaner”.

I’ll try with creating a relation between the entities and then hiding them. Thanks!

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