Program-Project Organization


May be I am missing something entirely - does Fibery currently have Program and/or Project organization features? Or is it by design to be achieved by custom domain model or apps?

Shouldn’t apps be scoped under specific Program or Project “space”? The concept of the space scoping a set of app instances is important.


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You may check this video

It shows setup for Team, but you may have Program - Project hierarchy with similar results.

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What I was referring to is actually “container spaces” for Programs/Projects. Just like in TP. Inside a Project space, user can install or create an instance of an app and customize. Program > Project space > App instances / various views, etc.

I think these basic concepts of any collaboration app should come built-in, rather than through the generic mechanisms.

That container space need can’t be fulfilled by the example you shared.

If you agree, the two-level isolated space concept is important, this post can be moved to Feature Requests.

It seems we are talking about something we call Workspace. In a nutshell it is a separate instance of Fibery with own domain model and apps, but it is possible to connect Workspaces together.

We have this in plans, but I am not sure about importance. If you can provide 1-2 cases that you want to solve using Workspaces that would be helpful.

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I see. Well, we need to use the same instance of Fibery for multiple projects. Each project requires its own workspace (so that apps can be installed independently and customized according to project’s unique need).

So, what I am seeking is multiple workspaces under a single Fibery instance. The workspaces can share the same users and some other shared resources.

TP’s Program>Project and Team-based master filter for any view is very useful.