“Private” Area / My Space - where I can create Views and Docs visible to myself only

Hi guys,

I have found very useful when an app let’s you build in your own “private” area before pushing your content to the “Production” Instance where your team will live. Notion and Wrike are two tools that do this well. You can build tasks that only you see, create rough drafts of Docs that you don’t want to publish yet, etc.

There could be a number of ways to bring this into Fibery. One thing that occurs to me is there is no concept of just an “Entity” with no “home,” which is something you can do in the aforementioned Notion or Wrike as they both have an atomic-level item that can be created and doesn’t need to live anywhere. So I imagine from a technical point of view those platforms simply allow these Pages (in the case of Notion) or Tasks (in the case of Wrike) to just reside in a container in the backend that is only visible to the creator until moved.

Regardless, my team was asking about this, and I think it would be a great addition to Fibery.


Do you mean that you want to play around with defining new types without interfering with other people’s work? If so, can’t you just create an app with no access for anyone except the admin, and then allow access when you’re happy

Or do you mean that you want to create entities of an existing type but which you don’t want to be accessible to others until they’re ready?
If so, then you could define a limited-access ‘Sandbox’ app with the necessary types, create as many entities as you want and then use an action button to copy the entity as the correct type in the ‘production’ app.

There is already an example of how to duplicate an entity with an action button, so you’d only need to modify it slightly so that it made the new entity within the production app/type.

Thanks Chris, you deserve a medal around here for all the help you provide!

In this case, my request is more about a more “organic” private area the way the other apps handle this. I think what you’re describing, while probably effective, is too much of a workaround for easy use in a non-technical team.

I doubt this is a priority right now. But as Fibery grows, and this board gets a few years old, I’m assuming others will come along interested in this feature, since it is a basic and useful one on many other apps. So my hope is that by posting this I’ll get the conversation started.

Thanks again!

Fair enough.
I’m not familiar with the private area in other apps that you mentioned, but I thought I would add that I personally have two fibery workspaces so that I can ‘play’ around in one of them, and then use the app-sharing feature to copy any useful stuff over to the ‘real’ one.

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Thanks Chris. I too have multiple Workspace Playgrounds, very useful and I’m very glad they can be created as free accounts without limit. Great for testing set ups.

In fact, our main idea was that teams don’t have secrets and transparency works. However, we see, that it doesn’t work like this, so we have that problem in the backlog and hope will solve it.
For now, there are some workarounds, I’ve recorded a small video for one of our customers and maybe that would be helpful for you guys as well

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As a point of follow up, I wanted to clarify that some of the better implementations of this I’ve seen - Notion, Wrike - simply allow for creation of what would be a Fibery “Entity” with no sharing. The user then assimilates these unshared Entities in their “Private Area,” they can be grouped in Private Folders, etc. However, once shared, they are no longer private.

I mention this mainly as there is a lot of discussion now about the potential of more bespoke permissions being developed:

So perhaps this Private Area could be an offshoot of those more sophisticated permissions.

I could really use this feature. I jumped back in here right now in fact to discuss this because I’m about to try to create a whole Project in Fibery, but I’d like to be able to keep it in rough draft, as I can’t do the entire thing in one sitting. Right now however I’ll have to create and keep a 1/2 done Entity to represent the Project because I can’t keep it invisible for others while I work on it!


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