Private database - my space


This is a feature I’m missing, coming from Notion.

I’d like to create a database with content only visible to myself, to handle my personal task management (TODO list / GFD style).

Unfortunately, at the moment I can only create a database in a space, which means all workspace admins have access to it.

Only workaround I’ve found is to use my personal fibery/google account to hold this, but this a pain to use because fibery does not support 2 connections in the same browser.

This is not suitable ?

I think what is meant is the ability to have your own database in the “My Space”-space. At least that’s how I interpret it.

Ah I see. Got it. Agree it would be interesting.

I think what is meant is the ability to have your own database in the “My Space”-space. At least that’s how I interpret it.

exactly ! sorry if this was not clear in the initial post

Out of interest, do you envisage that a database in My Space would be able to connect to other (non-private) databases?

Yes, that would be helpful. Ideally on the other end (on the shared database) the values would be hidden for other users. Is this how the relations between databases in different spaces would behave ?


  • only user1 has access to space S1 with database db1
  • space S2 with database db2 (public), db2.f1 links to db1.f2

user2 with no access to S1 would not get information about db1 from db2, right ?

I see 2 UC for this feature request

  • admin user working in a private sandbox to test fibery features or a new setup
  • any user creating his own private process (todo list, personal objectives …), linking the data to shared entities

Thanks for the details.
For the first use case, I would see this as solvable with the current setup (I’m assuming that there’s no reason why all admins shouldn’t be able to see sandbox experimentation).
For the second use case, I see the issue.
I don’t know whether we will tackle it any time soon though - we’re primarily focussing on features that help with collaborative work and knowledge management, so allowing users to create databases that only one person can access doesn’t seem to be in alignment with that.

However, I do wonder if the new permissions model we are planning might accommodate something useful, e.g. if there was an access level that allowed creator-level capabilities for database configuration but didn’t allow any access to database content.
It would be similar to the use case where an admin needs to be able to design a database for sensitive financial/HR info without being able to actually see data in the database…

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This totally makes sense, thanks for the reply !