Possible to repeat column/row headers in Board View?

I was reading about the “Eisenhower Matrix” structure for prioritizing tasks. Currently in board view I can’t figure out a way to repeat the column header on the second row (or the row header on the second column). I feel like this should be possible in the Fields section. Anyone have any ideas?

Example: (screenshot below):

  • Top-Left = Urgent / Important
  • Top-Right = Not Urgent / Important (want it to say “important”)
  • Bottom-Left = Urgent / Not Important (want it to say “urgent”)
  • Bottom-Right = Not Urgent / Not Important (want it to say both)

Quick mockup for example:

I’d love to see an Eisenhower Matrix setup in Fibery! Not sure this is the best/only way, but definitely curious to see what you come up with.

At the moment, the only thing I can think of is to enable the two fields for the cards themselves.
It won’t give you column/row headers but you will be able to see the values.

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