Partial date entry

When I am planning tasks it would be great to be able to enter just a month or a quarter instead of a full date.

I have added an app to help me with this but I can see that it won’t scale well.


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For me, the date range field serves this purpose.

Definitely. My feature request is to add “Quarter” and “Month” as an alternative UI/UX for entry (and display) of dates and date ranges.

So instead of 1 July 2020 - 30 Sept 2020, I can enter July - Sept.
Or Q3

For single dates I might also want the option to choose start or end so that if I select June it will know to which date to store it as (1 June or 30 June)


I also have a ton of use-cases for clustered dates (month, quarter, year) - but we also know that a feature like this will take some deep thinking to get a proper implementation with good touch points.

Looking forward to seeing this within the next year!

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Indeed, it makes more sense to set a week/month/quarter for high-level work items rather than a specific date.

We have discussed possible solutions with the team today — both using the existing functionality only and with possible extra features added to the product. Here is what we’ve got.

Available now

Basically, there are two options to choose from:

Option 1 — No granularity

Manually set dates like 1 July 2020 — 30 Sept 2020 instead of Q3.
Pros and cons:

  • :+1: Drag’n’drop on Timeline
  • :poop: Process of setting and updating a date

Option 2 — Auxiliary Types

  1. Create an extra App like Peter did:

  2. Connect Month/Quarter Types to high-level work Types like Feature or Goal

And a couple of extra things to smoothen the experience:

  1. Add an action button on Year to generate Quarters and Months to avoid :monkey: monkey job.
  2. Keep consistent naming for Quarters and Months for more user-friendly selectors. Entities here are sorted by name so I recommend the “yyyy· mm mmm” format:
  3. Add Formulas on work Types to calculate the actual dates to make a Timeline View possible — ex. [Delivery Month].[First Day]

Pros and cons:

  • :+1: High-level planning on Boards
  • :+1: Setting dates of the proper level
  • :poop: Read-only Timelines
  • :poop: Takes time to configure

Please ping us via Intercom if you might benefit from our help in configuring any of the options.

Future options

The quickest way to improve is to take option 1 and add granularity to our Timeline drag’n’drop. So all items will be exactly 1/2/…/N months long with start and end in sync with the corresponding month.

However, date “granularity” is a property of a Field, not a View. Ideally, the solution should be consistent across the system. Unfortunately, this implies building unique selectors for months/quarters and updating to Board and Timeline Views. So the amount of effort required makes this solution unlikely in the next 6 months.

We will continue to collect use cases — please do not hesitate to share yours here. Maybe, we will think of a better and simpler solution together :crossed_fingers:

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How about a formula that calculates the year, month, and quarter of a given date?
This way a user only has to set the date once without configuring auxiliary types, and dragging on a timeline still works.
–> I imagine that the date picker would need to allow people to select a year (2019) or a Month and Year (May 2019) and then auto-fill if a user doesn’t select a day/month.

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