Organization Level Token

I’m writing a piece of code as part of my organizations CI/CD process that finds tasks and updates their state dynamically.
As I am in a testing phase I am using my personal user token, so any changes made to tasks by the system are logged as changed by my user.
Is there a way to generate an organization level token, to save me the trouble of having to create an organization user just to have it generate a token?


For future people that might have the same question, I asked support and got the following reply back:
As of today, there is no way to generate an organization level API token, only user level tokens.
A roundabout solution for the situation above is to create another user for the CI/CD process so long as i don’t want to use my (or anybody else’s) user, but this extra user also has to be paid.
This feature isn’t planned to be added any time soon.

I think we can handle this and provide a user for free giving some discount code. It is not fair to pay for it imho.


That would be great! If we can continue this in email I’ll connect you to my organizations admin.