API Token changed

Hi guys, I have a few automations going through into Fibery and had them fail because of due to the switching of clusters and getting a new token.

To get your token you have to console

fetch(`https://${window.location.host}/api/tokens`, { method: 'POST' })
  .then(res => res.json())
  .then(obj => console.log("Your API token:", obj.value));

It doesn’t say anything about ever needing to update the token, was the reason the token changed the change of clusters?
I’ve read the blog post Michael sent out what happened but it just got me thinking if I ever need to update the token again?


Hello. Do you still experience that problem with token?

There was a little period on Wednesday during our downtime when application already was up, but token service didn’t work correctly. But in general you should’ve experienced problems with tokens only during downtime (19.00-21.30 CET) and old tokens should continue working later.

Thanks for the reply, right now I’m not experiencing any issues but it more of a question overall of how often I would need to update my tokens in my flows.

But what I’m getting is that I never need update it? which is good

Correct. Api token in FIbery lives infinitely until you decide to delete it.

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