Open the source entity of a Lookup field with ALT+click

It would be useful to be able to ALT+click on a Lookup field to open the source entity for the value (i.e. when it is a primitive field from a relation).

Do you mean when the lookup is getting a ‘simple’ field? (number, date, text etc)
I can’t imagine you mean it for a lookup of a relation field…?

Also, why can’t you just open the entity from it’s relation, why need to get to it in two different ways?

This already works for Lookups of related entities.

But if a lookup surfaces a primitive field of a related entity, there is nothing you can do with it, and no immediate way to open the related entity to be able to edit the looked-up value, or see its context.

You need to know which is the underlying relation, find that field, and open the entity from there. Not something I expect unsophisticated users to do!

This is just a cognitive shortcut to remove having to first locate the relation field to get to the source.

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