"One-by-one" or "Layout" View

Hi guys,

You’ve talked about looking at some hierarchy stuff right now to improve backlog handling, so I thought I’d also suggest this if it was interesting as it’s related:

I was wondering if you’d thought about a “One-by-One” or “Layout” view. This is a view where you can see the entities on the “left”, and click through each one getting a large view of each, while still seeing the list. “One-by-One” and “Layout” are what TargetProcess and Coda respectively call these views, which they both have.

I think you could also accomplish this with some manipulation of the navigation in your existing List view and larger “write” view of cards.

Hope that’s helpful and curious to get your thoughts!

@B_Sp We have Feed View in plans that is very similar.


Thanks Michael! Even though I posted this, let me add that I see this as a very low priority, but good to know you are thinking of it. I think there are some more pressing views that we need, such as Hierarchies that I know you are working on!


This sounds like the “list” Project view in Asana, which is a split screen: All tasks are listed on the left side (one per line) and the right half of the screen shows the currently selected task details.

IMO this is much more efficient than Fibery’s List/Table view with the “entity detail” pop-up; the pop-up covers too much info in the list, thus requiring you to repeatedly close and open and close and open the popup in order to scan through all the entities in the list in detail.

All of this opening and closing is visually disorienting when compared to the split screen where everything remains in the same place.


It looks like this is possible by using an extension like Stylebot. The only issue is that I can’t see a way to dynamically enable/disable this style only when the panel is open.


.Pane > .Page > .ViewContainer > .ViewContainer {
  width: calc(100% - 492px);

.SidebarView > .SidebarView{
    box-shadow: none;
    border-left: 1px solid rgba(42, 56, 68, 0.164)


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Agree this is another example that achieves something similar.

@rothnic Re:

that looks interesting, but such workarounds are difficult for my implementation, really hoping for a native solution here. Would love to get an update about:

as I’m not sure really what that means, and that response from Micheal is coming up on one year old right now…

Yeah, i agree. There is the side of me that likes roamresearch that doesn’t mind stuff like that, but there is no way I could get my organization to adopt something that requires so much manual configuration and settings. I was kind of curious how closely their current html/css would support something like that. Since it is so little to get working, i’d expect trying to fit in the control to toggle that view would probably be the majority of the design and implementation effort if it was supported by the current views.

However, if there is some other view being added specifically for that use case, it is a whole other thing. I also don’t think that would “fix” all of the request here. I personally would like to see this as an option similar to the option to either view the entity full screen or in the panel. There would just be a third option to “dock” the panel next to the view.

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Great! Thanks and I concur with you in full - would simply be great to get another option for viewing entities, hope one is coming as I feel like a lot of users have hinted at preferring something like this vs. the couple of views we currently have.