New Tool: Dashibase - blend Notion+Fibery+Retool

I stumbled upon and wanted to share this early stage company/product called Dashibase.

At first glance, it looks and feels very Fibery-ish as well as some bits of Notion. I would describe Dashibase as an up-and-coming “bring-your-own-database version of Fibery”. Obviously, it lacks dozens and dozens of Fibery features. Though in the most general sense, Dashibase has fundamental similarities of Fibery but with a different twist.

Fibery Spaces = Dashibase Dashboard
Fibery Database = Dashibase Datasource (bring-you-own-database)
Fibery Document = Dashibase Page inside of a Dashibase Dashboard

We Fibery users have been asking for multi-level or nested documents/pages for quite some time now. I like how Dashibase achieves this essentially by grouping multiple pages/docs into what they call a Dashboard (basically a collection of pages, sorted).

What I find most interesting and powerful is how focused and niche their marketing is. It’s hyper-simplified, but it’s speaking loud and clear to audiences with the intention to build internal tools (a.k.a citizen developers). Will be curious to see how Dashilane pans out. I like the concept and problem they’re solving.

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