Fibery in June 2021


From the blog post:

Pragmatically, we are thinking about the information connections. This is where Fibery is quite strong already since it has a relational database that connects structured information and bi-directional links that connect unstructured info. We may do even better here, improve connections and information mixing, and transform Fibery into a second brain for teams .

This is hot!!

I’d add that I even see (and use) Fibery as a very promising second brain for personal use also. For personal use it is also very useful to combine structured and unstructured info. No other tool lets you sketch ideas on a whiteboard, and transform a piece of text into a database entity with backlinks to other documents.

I’d say Fibery is in the right path to let you “evolve your personal second brain into a team, a system, a startup, a full organization”.


Thank you! While personal usage is not our goal so far, I think it may be just inevitable side effect :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m excited about this too! (for personal use, I mean) That said, there are other tools aiming at similar things. Kosmik is the main one that comes to mind. But possibly also Codex and Kanopi