New field: Hero image

Especially for Documents I’ll appreciate new field called Hero image to create mood image for document itself like or Zerohaight has. It would be also nice to create pages for boards like Productboards’s Portal.

Would love this in our docs. The docs lay-out of is really nice. We almost build our Wiki in Craft because of the lay-out :star_struck:

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Hero images are already implemented in the Forms. Would indeed be great to have this also as field for entities.

For the image selection, Fibery team has probably looked at because its pretty similar:

Fibery form


Also in Fibery Views pages please, just like Notion has the button on any page regardless of type:

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Just tried if the Cover / Hero image of the form can be an animated gif… turns out it can! :smile:

And custom emojis can also be animated gifs!

So those are some little cool features that you may not have noticed yet to make your space more personal/beautiful and add some of your culture and humour :blush:

^^ that’s screenshot is static here but it’s in motion on my screen! :innocent:

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