Need a Rich Text "Welcome doc" for every Space

I’m reorganizing my Workspace as a set of Spaces related to the groups/departments within the company, where Users will find the Views they need for their department (the actual DB’s will live elsewhere in hidden spaces).

But when clicking on a Space, there is nowhere to enter any welcome text like “Hello, welcome to JRP Marketing Department’s Brain :brain: – Here’s how to get started…”

It would be very useful if every Space had a Rich Text/Document area which would appear when the Space is clicked from the Left menu. This area could be collapsible per User, have a TOC, etc.

Take my vote for this as well. Coming from a PKM/Note taking perspective I feel like it takes a lot of clicks to be able to just WRITE on a blank page. This would alleviate that problem a little bit.


I guess we also need to be able to make this “Space Description” Read-Only for non-Creators.

We have the same approach for our clients :smiley: To make it ultra dummy proof since the database itself can feel quite overwhelming and can cause technic panic attacks if you never setup Fibery before.

This is awesome. Not only because the empty screen feels a bit ‘huhhh??’ but also to give more context about the space :partying_face::partying_face:


and if you could then move the databases into an “advanced” tab on that page, the welcome would be perfect :wink:

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That would be pretty awesome :smirk::smirk::partying_face::partying_face:

Seems closely related to this (old) topic