Multiple substring matching in entity chooser popups

When searching for an entity using a relation field popup, the existing search works well if you only need to match a single substring anywhere in the entity name:

HOWEVER, if you want to search for two or more substrings, you are out of luck as soon as you hit space – now you get no matches:



If I have 150 entities that match “Calendar”, and I want to find the ones named “Calendar something Zoho …”, I have to know the entire entity Name and type it exactly starting from the beginning. There is no way to show all the names that match two or more substrings.

Searching for entities by name is important - it should be more flexible, and allow matching multiple substrings anywhere in the entity Name.

At the moment it does not do a good job helping us discover entity names except in the simplest cases.

Removed a vote from another feature to vote here! :grin:


YES! Great FRQ! Maybe, if performance is an issue it could only match beginnings of words rather than anything inside a word?

PS: While I should do what @Oshyan did, so believe we should get more votes over time. :wink:


It’s not a real fix, but you could temporarily apply a relation filter with the search criteria you need:

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