More Capability to edit/view related entities in Connections - aka Subtables

Hi again,

I would like to suggest more capability around the Collections/Relations feature in cards. This is a great start and you are just a few steps from having available bonafide Subtables embedded within these cards, which for my use of Fibery would be a huge benefit.

I used to use Confluence to run meetings. My team had a table for Agenda items, and each row was a topic. As this was nothing more than a doc, after the meeting the rows in the table were no longer useful for the team: They couldn’t be transitioned to other statuses, broken down, closed, etc. So if there was an idea, a question, a decision in the meeting that was written in a point in this table, the only way to act on it moving forward was to copy and paste and create a new entity in Jira around it. But time had already been spent writing it up in the meeting note. So real inefficiencies here.

If we had just a bit more capability in the connections area, we’d have some real potential to have the functionality of a free-form table that you can have in the canvas of Rich Text in Fibery, but with all the benefit of keeping context as these are actually entities. Then you could duplicate this meeting note Confluence set up. But with a big advantage, in what would be a differentiator for Fibery: For the individual Discussion Topic to be the reference item, not just the originating Meeting Entity. This is key as it allows the team not to lose track of items discussed in a meeting, which if simply in a text field, are not trackable, and can easily get lost in a “black hole” since these notes can be hard to find later unless somebody remembers them.

What I’d like to see to accomplish this:

  • Integration of “Rich Text” field into this view. I just posted a suggestion for adding Rich Text field visibility into Table view, and these features would be great to have in these collection views as well:
  • It would be great to click into any related field that is an entity in this collections area and type its contents without having to pop up the other entity.

  • Some ability to mouse over the particular fields in the related entity and see its contents, or click and have a quick preview. Very useful to gain more context without fully navigating to that entity.

This post also discusses some points about added visibility in these connection areas:

Thanks guys!