More visible content in table view, in particular "Rich Text"


I am eager for the development of the table view to mirror more “spreadsheet” - like functionality, which is a big feature of Coda, Air Table, even Notion with their db’s. I know you guys have plans here.

In particular I’d like to request that “Rich Text” come online as one of the fields you’d have available in the table. My use for this is to add quickly software development tasks and I need to be able to write in a description, and I’d do this in the “Rich Text” field. Some other elements of this:

  • the “/” available in the table view so I can reference other parts of Fibery while I add these into the table.
  • ability for me/the user to customize whether the row will expand as the text increases. This is a feature of Coda, but not of Notion, and I really like how Coda lets you expand that field so the entirety of a description can be seen when viewing a table, if the user so desires. This is similar to the way Excel works.
  • Pop-out window (a modal) of this Rich Text field for editing. Again this is a nice feature of Coda. This is very useful if you are trying to use this table view to work quickly with the keyboard, which is how I use the view. With Fibery’s already good text editing capabilities, having quick access to an entity’s rich text field would be very useful.

Thanks guys!

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