Methods to create visual separation between fields in a view?

Displaying fields from an entity in context views is one of the best feature of Fibery in my opinion. That said, in most cases, they all just get jammed next to each other which makes it hard to easily parse the information.

I’ve been using this formula to force a line break between field when needed.

It’s just just 200 "non-breaking space/ " characters displayed as text.

You can see it in action on the columns of a board view here:

I’m wondering if anyone has a better/preferred workaround here? I’m worried that too many formulas, even simple ones like this, will start slowing things down.

But if this is the best way, hopefully this helps some of you like it helped me! :slight_smile:


Are the ‘pland’ and ‘total’ fields normal number fields or formulas?

If it are formulas you can combine them into 1 text formula and put extra spaces if needed.

I do this a lot to save formulas when I want to show combined data, as you can see in the (Dutch) screenshot below


So every number is normally 1 formula; by combining them in 1 (text) field I can save a lot of formulas.

But this will only works if it are indeed formulas currently and if you don’t use those fields for sorting or something else :slight_smile:

Those are formulas, so yeah, I could theoretically add labels and spaces to them if needed, thanks for the idea!

Are you just adding the extra spaces to your fields in the same way as I am, which is just pasting a whole lot of empty " " as text?

Yes, you can put as many spaces in the text as needed. If you don’t use a trim, all spaces will be kept :slight_smile:

One extra tip: if you calculate number fields, the output in a ToText formula will contain decimals, even if the number field didn’t had decimals.

So outcome may look like “20.0 hours” instead of “20 hours”

Also thousand separators will be lost.

You can fix that with ReplaceRegex formulas.

To skip decimals in number fields, use this formula:

          ToText( [field] ),

To add a thousand seperator and remove decimals (in this case a period), you can use this one:

        ToText( [field] ),

Example outcome of calculated fields


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So because I’m not always using number/text fields, appending spaces to the end of my formulas won’t work in many cases.

Any while it seemed to work for a day or so, now using

" "

as a formula doesn’t work anymore and I’m back to using


Which takes up a ton of vertical space.

Any other ideas how I can transform this:

Production-Plan-Fibery (5)
or this:
Production-Plan-Fibery (3)
into this?