Merge Entity and Decide which one should I keep

Do we have any way to merge entity, not deduplication, just like 2 files that can be compared and choose which one should exist.
In my case, I got many scheduled payment with recurring type, which means many scheduled transactions

The things happen when I input many transactions daily by import from csv or just copy manually to fibery. So some several times, it got duplicate for 2 transactions with 1 purpose (1 scheduled and 1 import manually daily). Do we have any way to merge those, and choose which entities should i keep it

How are duplicate entities recognized?

nah, it’s not duplicate entities, I just wanna select the relevant scheduled entites and decide which one to keep

If you have 2 or 3 entities that need to be merged together, how are these entities recognized as all belonging in the same “merge group”?

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Few things:
as @Matt_Blais correctly identifies, you need to be able to identify which items are to be merged, but you also need to identify the logic for ‘merging’. If they both have the same values in all fields, then fine, you just delete all but one (so you can either do it manually or use deduplication automation).
But what if they don’t? How do you resolve conflicts?