Mega congrats to Fibery team

Fibery is a very complex tool, and I find it extremely effective. Congrats to the team because:

  • The UX is delightful. Designing it for something this complex must have been a challenge. It shows that the company has a product focus (perhaps even a CX bent!)

  • The marketing and communication is spot on. How do you communicate a value proposition that asks you to replace a bunch of best-in-class tools that people tend to attach to? It’s well done.

  • Blogging and community is honest and transparent. Nuff said

  • Every query is damn fast, and some queries must be tremendously complex. So congrats to the tech team!

  • The problem it solves ‘replace a mess of subscriptions, silos, and zapier’ is very painful, and very true. And nobody tried before to kill this whale because… well, it’s crazy complex :slight_smile: Congrats on being bold (and succeeding)

That’s all I want to write for now (there’s more); I’m not usually this effusive with praise, and have no vested interest in Fibery being a success (other than I want it as an user). The more I read about product/CX the more I realize Fibery is an outlier.