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About this template:
We all have those boring meetings - brainstorms, retrospectives, customer calls, and so on. And we all have to make notes. Just because to prove ourselves, that those meetings weren’t just a waste of time. Especially that is important during Pandemic when everyone obeys to work remotely.

Use this template to:

You know, what else will be helpful?

  • this article to see how that template was built (for Fibery newborns :baby:)
  • this article to see how to connect your meeting notes/interviews/conversation to improve your work (for Fibery pro :muscle:)

Curious how Fibery Team handles notes? No secrets!

Here is how our Meeting Notes look like

And customer conversations (feel the difference!)

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Community, what is missed? Some day we plan to add this app to our template gallery, but will be glad to improve it - so, your feedback is very welcome!

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