Map View: View Fields of Location Clusters

For one of our use cases, we are mostly just typing cities into the location field. This is because we don’t need to get more granular and typing in the full address adds time when it isn’t needed. On the map view, the overall look of the clusters is perfect (except for this color rule bug). But we still want to see which entities are inside of the circle and the fields selected. Right now, there’s no way to see this no matter how far you zoom in.

When you hover over a single location pin, its entity card appears with the selected fields. This should also apply to location clusters, but with a table format or line card format since there are many within it. Quick mockup below.

This + the addition of a legend so you don’t have to keep referring to the colors/filters would be amazing


We have a similar use case for maps, we want to use them to show our clients and leads from our CRM space. If someone from our team visits a client, they should be able to look at the map to see who else is in the area. City level is enough for a rough overview, so we would also appreciate this.


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I am wondering if there might be an ETA on improving interactions with point clusters? This is causing some confusion for our users as they don’t understand that they need to continue to zoom in to be able to get to the individual entities.

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