Map View Enhancements

Not sure if this might be of interest to you:

Totally agree that GeoJSON isn’t the most useful way of storing spatial data (a PostGIS database might make the most sense since I think fibery uses Postgres under the hood). The sample I shared above tries to get around the verbose nature of GeoJSON by compressing it so a simple map can be transmitted using URL parameters.

However, I do think one of the advantages of GeoJSON is that it works really well for mixed/schema-less data where the primary objective is to produce a visual map, which might be of most value to fibery users.

One of the other things that would be super nice is the ability to add additional background layers (which are hosted elsewhere). Most mapping libraries allow this, so it just needs the UI to set them up. I think this would eliminate the need for bringing large spatial datasets into fibery itself.

Great to see a few map-nerds on the community :slight_smile: