Looking at you - Fibery Partners - are you all members of Partner category?

Hey there, Fibery fam! :wave:

Quick question for our beloved partners: Are you part of our elite, exclusive, and super-secret Partner category? If not, it’s time ping me and join the club! :dark_sunglasses:

Also if anyone considers becoming a partner, just drop me a line and let’s talk about it.

see you on the other side!


Not yet, you’ve got a message :smile:


Nobody hesitate :smiley:

I’m a bit uncertain, what is the Partner programme?

Hey gok - this our awesome program for those who are helping others to get onboard with Fibery.
Typically would be consultants, IT admins or just enthusiasts working with individuals or SMBs, or creating content for these groups.
You can check brief outline here: Partners Program — Fibery
And I’m happy to chat about it if you have questions - feel free to jump on call: Calendly - Petr Palan (@Fibery_io)

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I’ll send you a dm!

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Thanks Petr. Got it now

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Anyone else interested in becoming a partner or is in the process of becoming a partner but is not part of Partner category?

We’ll have the first partner call on Tue Apr18th at 10am CEST (Warszaw time) so ping me if we’re still missing anyone interested to join “the other side” :wink:


Just a last reminder for anyone who is part of Fibery Partner program that we’re having a Partner Call tomorrow at 10am CEST (Warszaw time).

You can find all the details in the Partner category. And if anyone would like to become a partner, just ping me. We’ll get it sorted and you’ll be able to view at least the recording :pray:

:wave: see ya

Hi Petr, I don’t seem to have access to the partner category. Could you help please? Thx

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Fixed and you should receive a notification as well. :pray:

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