If you're from gaming industry - you might be interested to join

This is a bit non-traditional, as we typically have separate events with Fibery Partners, but I feel that this might be interesting and beneficial to others from this community who are in game dev industry :thinking:

So, if you’re interested in hearing from the most successful Fibery partner (Louis-Felix Cauchon) who happens to be a CEO of his own game dev studio, and founder of the largest game dev companies group, then reach out to me directly.

I will (places permitting) provide you with the details of this special Partner call happening on July 12th (4pm CEST).

Louis-Felix will talk about:
• his journey, how they use Fibery, what he finds charming on Fibery :smile:

and who knows, you might get inspired to become partners :wink:


Hi Petr,

please count me & Lukas in.

Thank you and best regards Marc

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