Fibery for Startups is live on Product Hunt 🧡

Hi dear Fibery community!

Our Startup solution is live on Product Hunt today! :orange_heart::cat: We will appreciate your honest and direct feedback on what we’re building and what can be improved. We will document it all and will use it to influence our product and marketing decisions.

Please upvote and join the conversation here: Fibery for Startups - Work 'n' knowledge hub to run your startup | Product Hunt

Thank you a lot from the whole Fibery team! :face_holding_back_tears:


Very exciting! Way to go and congrats to all of you on the team at Fibery. Congratulations on the Series A as well @mdubakov and team! Eager to see continued improvement in the product, marketing and the business all around. Such a huge milestone to be proud of. Wishing all of you nothing but luck and wild success :smile:

I just dropped a vote and some love in the comments for Fibery. :rocket:

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