Link to existing entities in collection table views

I really love the fact that collections in entity views allow users to create different views for the users (default list view, table views, maps, …). However, it seems list views are the only views that allow users to add existing entities to the collection:


Table views only allow users to interact with entities that are already part of the collection or create new ones (or I might be missing something here):


It would be great if another button could be added to allow users to use the table view to add existing items to the collection:


I wasn’t able to find another thread on this. Apologies if this has already been discussed!

+1 since this is very needed for our workspace as well.

Because of this we are currently creating 2 views:

  • A table overview (since we want to add a lot of data and then columns come handy)
  • A list view with the name “Link existing items” → because we can’t do that in a table.

We do that in Second Brain, project pages, goal pages etc.

But it’s hard to explain to customers that we onboard as Fibery partner. Would be great if it can be added to the table as well :smile:

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